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I have chosen some links to pertinent articles and websites,
I’d like to share as an addendum to my views and philosophy.

Article Links

What is Public Health and Why Does It Matter?

Touch Research Institute:

Integral Anatomy. Gil is a gentle, honorable teacher who shows the beauty of anatomy:

Tom Meyers is another interesting teacher of the body’s beauty:

Fascia is beautiful, and pervades ones whole body in ways just now being recognized by researchers. I love fascia!:

Breastfeeding Basics:

Visionary cranio-sacral and Hugh’s book “The Heart of Listening” are deeply profound approaches to body work:

Charles Ridley is another honorable teacher and practitioner whom I have taken a class from. His book “Stillness: Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness” really opened my heart and mind to the beauty of the creation, i.e. embryology. His explaination of the sino-atrial node of the heart is deeply profound as well:

Speaking of embryology:

The Institute of HeartMath has done some interesting research on coherence and EMF waves emanating from the heart:

More embryology and biodynamic cranial resources:

For further source material on biodynamic cranio-sacral:

Ortho-bionomy is another powerful form of healing adhesive places in the body:

Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies:

Warren Hammer articles:

Stuart Hamerhoff, MD- research on the possible quantum role of micro-tubules in consciousness:

Healthy food choices!:

Vitamin C:

“Vitamin” D is actually a hormone that helps trigger our immune systems to better function. I also suggest following up on the “light/depression” link. We need light (and we are light, but that’s for further discussion):

Cranial-Sacral Therapy:

Local bodyworker/healer search:

Alternative medicine- research and general information:

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