September 1993 to November 1994 Universal Therapeutic Massage Institute, Inc., Albuquerque, NM 220 classroom hours and 50 supervised hours completed. Courses designed to transfer previous education in Florida to fit with the educational and licensing guidelines of the State of New Mexico.

March 1993 to August 1993

Reese Institute, Inc. School of Massage Therapy, Oviedo, FL

600 hours of massage therapy education completed including, but not limited to, anatomy and physiology, massage therapy training, CPR, business ethics, and first aid.


State of New Mexico, Licensed February 1995. License #2061 is current.

State of California, Certified Massage Therapist, September 2010. Certification #14321 is current.

Insured through Hands-On Trade Association; Policy #1013050459.

“Best Masseuse” Petaluma People’s Choice Awards, 2009

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB):              Certification November 1994 – January 2006.


February 2020 Tom Meyers Freeing the Shoulders [ CEU] 

October 2019 Ethics for Communication & Connection [5 CEU]  

June 2019 Dynamic Stillness Touch Mentor Course, Final Section [120 CEU] Georgia Milne 

April-May 2019 Advanced Neck Work Diamond Light School of Massage [15 CEU] 

February 2019 Dynamic Stillness Touch Mentor Course, Section 3, Georgia Milne 

November 2018 Dynamic Stillness Touch Mentor Course, Section 2, Georgia Milne  

July 2018 Dynamic Stillness Touch Mentor Course, Section 1,  Giorgia Milne 

April 2018 Anatomy of the Breath, Liam Bowler [4 CEU] 

February 2018 Ethics for Communication & Connection Natural Wellness [5 CEU]

November 2017 What The Fuzz Lecture, Gil Hedley [4 CEU]

July 2016 Embryology~ Spirit & Essence Giorgia Milne [24 CEU] 

May 2017 Body Mapping Introduction to Auyervedic Medicine, DeAnna Batdorff [18 hours]  February 2016 Initiatory Course: Biodynamic Cranial Touch Giorgia Milne [32 CEU] 

February 2016 Heartsaver CPR/AED American Heart Association 

February 2016 Lymphatic Drainage Massage [17 CEU] 

Oct. 31-Nov. 2 2014 Cranial-Sacral Anatomy Giorgia Milne [24 CEU]  

June 2014 Guest Practitioner– Tassajara Zen Mountain Retreat Center [12 work hours] 

February 2014 Benjamin Inst. Putting Neuromuscular Therapy into Practice [6 CEU]

December 2013 NMT for Trigger Points Benjamin Institute for Advanced Studies 

October 2013 Anatomy Trains Body Reading Tom Meyers/Kinesis, Inc. video series [6 CEU] 

June 2013 Reflexology for Stress, Anxiety, and Depression, Meade Steadman, LMT [2 CEU]

June 2013 Kinesis Inc. ‘Fascial Release’ webinars  [6 CEU] 

May, 2013 Tassajara Zen Mountain Center- resident student bodywork practitioner [12 work hours]  

January/February 2013 ‘Tensegrity’ Kinesis Inc. [4 CEU] 

October-November 2011 Hospice of Petaluma Caregiver Volunteer Training [32 hrs.] 

August 2011 InforMed Update for NM LMTs: Ethics; Working with Clients with Health Problems; PTSD and Massage; Care for Special Populations; Medication and Massage [16 CEU] 

October 2010 Initiatory Course: Biodynamic Cranial Touch with Giorgia Milne [32 CEU] 

February 2010 Dynamic Stillness Series: Practices and Touch with Charles Ridley [10 CEU]

August 2009 Dynamic Stillness Series: Practices and Touch with Charles Ridley [10 CEU] 

June 2009 Ortho-Bionomy: Spine & Pelvis [16 CEU]

June 2008 Myofascial Meridians for Manual & Movement Therapists, part 2 [12 CEU] 

May 2008 Cranial-Sacral Fundamentals [16 CEU]     

October 2007 First International Fascia Research Congress- Boston, MA [15 Hours] 

October, 2006 Informing Your Clients About Menopause [5 CEU] 

September 2006 Anatomy Trains Thomas Myers [13 CEU] 

April 2006 Reiki Level 1 Barbara Lawrence- Healing Arts Institute Sacramento, CA [9 Hours] 

November 2005 Ethics for the Massage Practice [4 CEU]; Ethics and the Therapeutic Relationship Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies [3 CEU] 

November 2003 Cranial-Sacral Unwinding Don Cornwall, PhD., DOM [16 CEU]  

January 2002 Foundation Cranio-Sacral: One Hugh Milne, Milne Institute, Inc. [32 CEU] 

December, 2002 Ethics and Law, HEMME Approach [4 CEU] 

Spring 2001“Prison Practicum”, developed an “Esoteric Anatomy” class which was taught at Federal Correction Institute, Dublin, CA; New College of California 

November 2000 Diagnosis and Treatment of Myofascial Pain Syndromes [13.5 CEU] Advanced Upper Body Workshop- Myofascial Pain and Joint Dysfunction [14.5 CEU] University of New Mexico School of Medicine 

July 1998 Ethics, HEMME Approach [3 CEU] 

September 1998 Managing Low Back Pain, HEMME Approach [12 CEU] 

November 1998 Hand Therapy, HEMME Approach [6 CEU]


May 2007

Sonoma State University M.A. “Community Restoration”, Interdisciplinary Studies & Hutchins School, “Action for a Viable Future” program.

Thesis: Building Bridges- Restoring the Individual to Community

August 2001

New College of California Humanities “Culture, Ecology, and Sustainable Community”, B.A.

Thesis: Bringing the Healing Arts to Disadvantaged Communities

(Also, Spring 2001“Prison Practicum” class. Developed an “Esoteric Anatomy” class, which was taught at Federal Correction Institute, Dublin, CA).