Health Policy and Agreement







Please read and indicate whether you agree with the following:

If you or I, currently or at the time of the appointment, have exhibited any of the following flu-like** symptoms in the last 72 hours:

Temperature over 100.1°F (37.83oC), 


Body Aches and/or Chills,

Sore Throat,


Drippy and/or runny nose,

Watery eyes,

Difficulty breathing or

Shortness of breath,

Loss of taste and/or smell,

or have been in close proximity for an elongated amount of time with someone who has exhibited any of the above symptoms, in whole or in part,

And/Or if you have received a flu injection or any other corona-virus**-oriented “synthetic genetic re-coding therapy”, counterfeit immunity inoculation, injection or “vaccine” over the past 14 days, we will need to verbally talk in order to determine whether rescheduling our appointment is best for either or both of us.

Although my business does not specifically operate under HIPPA Privacy, I do comply with those ethics. 

My business operates under CA Privacy Laws and I do not disclose to any other parties (nor do I explicitly ask for) medical or other personal information without express permission by you.

I do not require the wearing of any facial cover, facial veil, or a facial-obscuration/-masking device during any appointment, in any setting.

If wearing a facial cover, facial veil, or a facial-masking/-obscuration device makes you feel safer, you are encouraged to do so.

For medical tolerability, healthy oxygen/carbon-dioxide respiratory exchange, as well as for optimal physiological & psychological health & well-being, I do not wear a face-covering of any kind for the duration of any appointment, in any setting.

If you are not feeling well, please

get plenty of sleep and rest;

cover your nose and mouth when sneezing;

do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth with unclean hands, nor after touching surfaces that may be unclean;

wash your hands with soap and water;

drink plenty of clean water;

eat fresh foods- as close to organic as possible.

(I recommend viewing this video for information on the microbiome, virome, and our human connection to & within the bio-ecological feedback loop: Zach Bush MD: “The Virome’ )

**(a.k.a “covid-19”/“coronavirus”/“SARS-CoV2”)/MERS/SARS/influenza)